Monday, July 20, 2020

The next AMI 3-6 Diploma Course starts *online* in September!


Kia Ora Koutou MMEF Friends & Supporters

Once again we're delighted to start with great news! 

MMEF's next AMI 3-6 Diploma Course is about to begin shortly, for which NZQA recently gave us the thumbs-up to deliver the first module online, starting in September. 
We couldn't be more excited as this means that even in this locked-down world, our new students can join us virtually from all parts of the globe, until such time as they can join us physically. 
In this new post-COVID world, we'd like to thank our enrolled students, who have all been extremely supportive, flexible, and understanding as we navigate towards new ways of training and learning together.

Here are the new AMI 3-6 Diploma Course dates:
Module 1 – Monday, September 21st – Saturday 10th October (online 3 wks. +1 day)
Two day on-line theory reading & discussion seminar  January 25th & 26th 2021
Module 2 – Monday 12th April – Thursday 13th May (4.5 wks)
Module 3 -  Monday 28th June – Friday 23rd July (4 wks.)      Module 4 -  Monday 27th September – Friday October 22nd (4 wks.)
Module 5 – Wednesday 5th January – Friday 28th January (4 wks.)
                                                 Module 6 – Monday 4th April – Friday 29th April (4 wks.)

These new course dates offer a silver lining for those of you still considering studying for the Level 7, AMI 3-6 Diploma: there's still time to apply, though you must be quick! 
One of the additional benefits of going online, of course, is that you will save significantly on time, travel and accommodation.
You will see also that Module 2 is now commencing in April 2021 which allows students to study and enjoy a summer holiday too! Download the application form here today.

Basic Theory Component of the AMI 3-6 Diploma, September 21st - 5th October (11 days) - Online Format
Are you a Montessori school owner, administrator or part of a Montessori team and keen to deepen your understanding of the Basic Montessori Theory (psycho-pedagogy)?
Then you are in luck because MMEF is offering the opportunity to enroll for the Basic Montessori Theory Component of the AMI 3-6 Diploma.
This course will be delivered online from September 21st - Monday 5th October (11 days).  
Download the Course Brochure here or email Please register by Friday, August 28th.  

AMI 0-3 Diploma - Applications Open Now!
To educate is a great task, but it is to put our personal effort at the service of the next generation for the benefit of all humanity. Our effort in education is what will be left of ourselves in life.”                                                               
                                                                                        Lillard, P., Montessori From the Start
These profound words convey what we know to be true today - the support given to the essential development of the young child during the first 3 years of life offers the very best start to life. And why would we not all wish to offer the very best that we possibly can to our youngest and most vulnerable in society? 
It has been a long time in preparing for this auspicious training course - New Zealand's very first AMI Diploma for assisting the development of ages birth to 3 years. 
This is the ideal course for those working with this age group, parents and those with a profound interest in development during the 1st 3 years of life.
For more information, please download the Course Information Pack here today. And please send the link, and the information, to anyone you think may be interested. 
Let's all get behind this exciting new diploma course to make the early years of Aotearoa's youngest tamariki even better.

Course Dates Jan. 2021 - Jan. 2022
2021 Module 1.
January 4th – February 12th, 2021, 6 wks.
*Module 2 
May 3rd – 28th 2021, 4 wks.
 Module 3.
August 30th – September 24th, 2021, 4 wks.
 2022 Module 4. January 3rd - 28th, 2022, 4 wks.
*All module dates subject to slight change.

AMI 6-12 Certificate Course
The online component of the AMI 6-12 Certificate Course just came to a close, and what a thoroughly enjoyable fortnight it was! 
Thirteen students explored the Montessori pedagogy as applied to the 6-12 aged child, insightfully guided by AMI 6-12 trainer, Rebecca Dallam.  As one student commented,
 "thank you so much for giving us the support to make the sessions so wonderful and with joy. I learnt a lot, experienced a lot and shared a lot ... it was a great opportunity for us all. Thank you so much everyone!"
The timing of the course was fortuitous for anyone wishing to study for the AMI 6-12  Diploma: the next one starts in Sydney on 7th December 2020 to 25th January 2023 (Block Format). See here for the course dates.

New Montessori Videos to Share

AMI would like to share with you two beautiful short documentaries which have been produced by BBC StoryWorks, one showing Montessori Education in action and one focusing on AMI teacher training. 
The audiences to which AMI are aiming to present the films are parents, whanau and educators who are not currently within the Montessori community, but who would benefit from learning more about the education and its opportunities.
Please feel free to share these short films with your communities. You can see each  film below, or follow the links to the specially created AMI web pages:

And finally, remember we are currently celebrating 150 years of Montessori education across the world - please visit the website specifically set up to bring you news of the celebrations and events. 

AMI is also keen to hear here how you will be celebrating over the year! 

Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manuanui ( be strong, be steadfast, be willing - and be safe)