Saturday, November 26, 2011

A One-off opportunity – be an AMI student for 3 weeks….

Dear Maria Montessori Education Foundation Supporters

Picture this – have a fabulously relaxing Christmas and New Year with family and friends, then re-connect your neural pathways and join the students of the AMI 3-6 Course for a three week introduction to Montessori’s unique yet profound approach to child development.

What you will experience during these short three weeks underpins EVERYTHING we do in the Montessori 3-6 environment. This is THE core Montessori experience, delivered by AMI trainer Cheryl Ferreira—one of the world’s leading Montessori trainers.

We cannot emphasise its value enough…!

These three weeks offer a unique opportunity for  Montessori school owners, parents, prospective parents, and ECE teachers working in Montessori environments –everyone, really—to understand the enormous potential of young children.

One of the already enrolled attendees said,

“I am neither a Montessori teacher nor a parent, yet, but I don't want to miss the opportunity to learn about child cognitive development and the Montessori method from one of the world's leading Montessori educators.”

You do not want to miss this.  Follow the link to download your registration form and send it to us with your deposit by November 28th:

Now, for students aiming to make Montessori their career, we remind you  that MMEF will hear  next week about our application for TEC funding, the success in which will enable you to apply for student loans. A final reminder, therefore: ALL applications for the full AMI 3-6 Course for the next year must be processed by November 30th. Simply text Carol on 021 2601802 and she’ll look out for your application.

Ka Kite,

Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley & Lynne – MMEF Trustees

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We did it with minutes to spare!


Dear Maria Montessori Education Foundations Supporters

We did it, at 4.45p.m with a deadline of 5.00p.m on November 1st , thanks to your wonderful letters of support and overwhelming encouragement: to be precise, MMEF submitted our funding application to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)!

Why does this matter? Because with TEC funding, WE can offer the course in 2012, and YOU can apply for a student loan and enrol!

You can sense why we're so excited.

A huge and resounding thank you to every one of you for springing into action when it really was needed the most.

And a special thank you to Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand for so promptly providing us with the facts and vital statistics to tie up all the loose ends.

Now then, for those of you keen to study for the AMI Diploma in January, even while waiting to hear of the outcome of our funding application, we urge you to complete your application and send it in today.

We say this because we must process all student applications before the end of November, and this will involve an interview, reference reports and a police check, which all take time.

So please don't delay. Please download your application form from, complete your application, and send it to us at MMEF, PO Box 108054, Symonds St, Auckland - simply add a covering letter stating that your application is pending the outcome of TEC funding.

Don't wait. The end of November will be too late to apply, so download your application form TODAY at

That’s all for now dear friends & thank you once again.

Anna, Tia, Carol, Shirley & Lynne – MMEF Trustees