Saturday, April 7, 2007

Can I work and study?

Can I work and study?

Dear Maria Montessori Education Foundation supporters,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Maria Montessori Education Foundation. The burning question on everyone’s lips that we talk to about Montessori training seems to be “can I work and study?” We are delighted to be able to give you this answer: Yes. More on that below. But first, some news:

Professional Development Opportunities
** We are delighted to announce that Cheryl Ferreira, Director of Training for the 2008 AMI
3-6 training course, will be coming to New Zealand in July. To avoid disappointment note the weekend of the 21st/22nd in your diaries now!

** Cheryl will be presenting a full-day workshop on Saturday 21st July covering the topics ‘The Steps to Total Reading’ and ‘Maths – Golden Beads and Onwards.’ The workshop is designed for Montessori staff; it is however open to all and would be ideal for anyone considering undertaking teacher training in the future.
Venue: Titoki Montessori School – Auckland.

** Also on Sunday 22nd July, Cheryl will present a half-day workshop to inspire parents.

** Planning is also under way for a public lecture during Cheryl’s stay, for an Italian Centenary soirĂ©e (a fundraising evening to continue the celebrations of the Montessori centenary,
on which more here), and for visits to many Auckland schools.

We are taking enrolments now from students and would urge anyone who is considering the training to complete your application form ASAP as interviews with Cheryl can be arranged in July. Further details about the Auckland workshop will be sent out soon.

MMEF in Christchurch
Assisted by Teresa Durrant, Carol Potts and Tia Wooller from MMEF presented a workshop at the Early Childhood Council (ECC) Conference in Christchurch on April 1st; participants were intrigued and a little more enlightened after our workshop. We were heartily encouraged by the thirst for more things Montessori coming from the conference attendees (and let me just take this opportunity to welcome many of those who signed up at the ECC conference to receive our MMEF news updates).

All potential students should take note: there are Montessori schools who have already offered sponsorship assistance for students to do their training – for more information about this exciting development, please contact

Work/Study Options
Through ongoing discussions with Cheryl Ferreira - our Director of Training for the inaugural AMI 3-6 course - we are delighted to be able to offer students a choice of two study options. We will however require some feedback from you as to which one of the two options you will prefer – the most preferred option will then be the one we pursue.

Cheryl has offered two options that vary in times of attendance, allowing a work/study option for those who would like to take advantage:
Option one:
Monday–Friday 8.30am-4.30pm; this will include 10 weeks of teaching practice and observation at schools.
Option two:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1.30pm-4.30pm
Tuesday, Thursday 1.30pm-7pm and alternate Saturdays 10am-4pm
The 10 weeks teaching practice would follow option one times of 8.30am-4.30pm.
The second option would enable students to continue their work in the mornings. Please do be mindful however that working whilst studying is not for the faint hearted!

We would appreciate if those with a preference for either option let us know their preference as soon as possible by emailing, clearly stating which option would suit you or your staff. Only 1 option will be able to be delivered, so please contact us soon and have your say – we do need your feedback. Your responses are required by Friday 25th May.

Applications now being accepted. Visit for up to date news about the course or email To subscribe to MMEF News – a complimentary MMEF newsletter- please email us at

Here is some more about Cheryl, from the AMI website:
Cheryl Ferreira was born in Mumbai, India. She has worked with children from the age of 17, becoming interested in the Montessori approach while assisting in a Montessori school. Cheryl graduated with a BA Hons. and then received an MA in history from the University of Bombay. She did her Montessori training at the Indian AMI Montessori training in Hyderabad, India. She then worked in Montessori schools and on AMI courses in different parts of India. In 1998, she came to the Maria Montessori Training Organisation in London (MMTO) as part of AMI's Training of Trainers programme, and in 2000 she became an authorised AMI Trainer. Cheryl is currently a senior member of staff at MMTO.
Best wishes,
Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley, Lynne