Sunday, March 8, 2009

There's a student in my classroom

Dear Maria Montessori Education Foundation Supporter

It's official! MMEF have received advice that as far as Immigration purposes are concerned, International students applying to study for the AMI 3-6 Diploma commencing in June 2009 will qualify to apply for 20 hours work whilst they are studying.

This had seemed to be rather a grey area -- what it now confirms is that schools contemplating employing a student during the course, or for International students considering 20 hours work whilst study, that this should be possible. Go to for the relevant section.

We understand that schools have been hearing from enthusiastic students looking for work in between their contact modules and when not on teaching practice and observation. Some students have already secured interviews with prospective employers.

We are all mindful of maintaining child/adult ratios with teacher registration requirements, though if at all possible, and your ratios can accommodate this, the benefits of having someone in your environment putting into practice what they are absorbing during their training can be a priceless experience.

One school for example accepted an AMI graduate from Sydney to do her four-week full-time practicum in their school. The enthusiasm and fresh ideas the student brought within a short period of time was rejuvenating for the whole school. They told us that they would have been delighted to have someone of this calibre in their environment for up to four hours every day.

Think about it......

Meanwhile, here's some music for the soul.

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Best wishes, and onwards to June!

Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley, Lynne