Sunday, July 4, 2010

“There’s a kind of hush…all over the room” – Needlework Workshop, Auckland!

Dear Supporters of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation

MMEF go to Whole School Refresher in Sydney

The recent Montessori Conference and Whole Refresher in Sydney  saw several of the MMEF Trustees heading over ‘The Ditch’ to refuel.

The one-day Conference entitled ‘ Montessori and Special Education: Following The Child’ had a line-up of impressive international Montessori speakers, including Judi Orion (0-3 trainer); Cheryl Ferreira (3-6 trainer); Greg McDonald (6-12 trainer) and Dr Steven Hughes, a Pediatric Neuropsychologist.

Over the ensuing two days, we joined others for the refresher working with the above trainers with their particular age-group. The three days were a much needed injection of creative ideas plus a reminder of the essentials with the Montessori materials.

For anyone interested in working with children 0-3, Judi Orion will return to Sydney next April to deliver the first module for the Assistants to Infancy ( 0-3) training course.

Please visit the Australian Montessori Training Education Foundation for the course schedule.

A Stitch in Time – introducing Needlework in the 3-6 Environment.

A peaceful calm pervaded the MMEF training environment yesterday as 22 busy sewers progressed through sewing stages from card sewing, button sewing, through binqa sewing samplers, blanket stitch edging to embroidery designs and appliqué on a hoop frame, all under the masterful direction of A.M.I. Director of Training - Cheryl Ferreira.

A truly wonderful day!

One attendee wrote her account:
It was a very nice and relaxing day of learning; I was really excited because it was my first Montessori workshop, but fearful of the time length.  I thought the time was too long for the topic, but it turned out there wasn’t enough time.  Cheryl is a very good teacher; you can see the Montessori in her when she is teaching one on one.  I felt like I was back in my Montessori grade school; a nice patient teacher, where you watch first and then they watch as you do your best to copy what they have just showed you.  The girls who are in the AMI course at the moment were fun to talk to.  I got a glimpse into what the course would be like next year.  I’m SO excited to take it; I wish it was starting sooner.  I can’t wait to go back and learn how to become a Montessori teacher.”
For in those in the Nelson area, there are just a few places available for the Nelson Needlework Workshop on Saturday July 31st. Don’t miss out - email your registration to forms ASAP! 

That’s all for now,
Carol.,Tia, Anna, Shirley & Lynne
MMEF Trustees