Monday, July 4, 2011

AMI 3-6 Interviews NOW being Scheduled – You Know You Want To!

Dear Supporters of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation

We’ve been receiving many inquiries about the next course –great - do keep those inquiries coming! As a general response we’re inviting each of you who are even contemplating applying to send in your applications as soon as possible!


Because Director of Training – Cheryl Ferreira is coming to town!

Cheryl will be in Auckland until 23rd July, offering the perfect opportunity for interviews to be scheduled. Email or call Carol 021 0260 1802 today and let’s arrange a time!

Expressions of interest for the Theory ONLY lectures in January

At the beginning of the last AMI 3-6 Course, MMEF invited school owners and administrators the opportunity to join us for the first module only, to hear the theory lectures that joyfully unfold the intricacies of child development according to Maria Montessori.

With the next course commencing in January we are seeking expressions of interest from anyone who would like to study the theoretical underpinning of the Montessori Philosophy and discover – why we do the things we do?

  • Sensitive Periods
  • The Absorbent Mind
  • Human Tendencies
  • The Four Planes of Development

These are just some of the topics we explore. Intrigued to know more? Then email with your expression of interest.

Questionnaire – can you assist us?

As many of you may well know, the Maria Montessori Education Foundation (that’s us, folks) has gone to considerable lengths establishing a New Zealand AMI Montessori training centre – offering an AMI qualification here at home that is internationally recognised. Our aim, as articulated by many of you, is to continue delivering high quality and a greater choice of Montessori-trained teachers here in New Zealand.

We love receiving your feedback and your questions. So here are the answers to the most frequently received questions from you, followed by some of our own for you:-

Q: Is the MMEF AMI course only offered in Auckland?
A: To date, numbers in Auckland and availability of rental space there means Auckland remains our location of choice currently.

Q: Can I get a government loan for the MMEF AMI course?
A: Due to funding caps, we are presently unable to access the government student loans facility for our students. However, both ASB and The National Bank are amenable to offering Tertiary Loans to our students.

Q: Why do course fees seem so high?
A: The course fees are comparable to those in Asia, Europe and Australia. While we have done everything possible to reduce costs for you, the fees are determined by the cost of the experienced trainer(s) and examiners, and the rental of premises to meet all NZQA requirements and to furnish and equip a complete training environment and practice classroom. This is the cost of quality.

Now, could you please take a moment to answer the following six questions to assist us with our future planning (and to fulfill our ongoing NZQA compliance!): Click the link on questions to respond.

Thank you for assisting us to assist you!

Ka Kite,
Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley, Lynne