Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don’t delay – act today!


Dear Supporters of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation
We did request applications by October 1st, though there are still spaces!

We are however, fast running out of time though to process applications for the January 3-6 A.M.I. course. If a career in Montessori education is one you are seriously considering – please don't delay contact MMEF on before Wednesday October 26th! 

 Reminder - Theory-Only Module January 2012
We will be offering the opportunity to study the basic Montessori theory (psycho-pedagogy) components of the AMI 3-6 course in January. This theory component will commence on Tuesday January 3rd with the anticipated duration being 3 weeks of full time study. (Further details will be available in November). In the meantime, please email with enquiries or expressions of interest.

Simon’s Cat in “Double Trouble”
And finally, this new Simon's Cat video was so laugh-out-loud funny, probably his best one since the first, I couldn’t resist leaving you with it. It's so lovely to see Simon's Cat get bested by... Simon's Kitten! [Hat tip Noodle Food]

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Ka Kite,
Carol, Tia, Anna, Shirley, Lynne