Thursday, January 30, 2014

Here’s to a Peaceful & Prosperous 2014!


*Happy New Year * Te Tau Hou Hari *
 *Xin Nian Kuai Le*

Now that you're back to school, you may be refreshing, reflecting and reducing some of those extraneous materials that crept onto your shelves at the end of 2013. To bring you back to what is important and what needs to go back to the storeroom – here’s another article by Angeline Lillard entitled  'How Important are the Montessori Materials'. It’s a timely read for this time of the year.

A.M.I. Assistant Certificate Course – April 2014
A reminder that the Early Bird Discount for the A.M.I. Assistant Certificate Course ends on February 28th, don’t miss out! 
Visit to register on-line.We’ve received many enquiries, several from potential attendees looking for accommodation in the area. If you’re from out of town,planning to attend and looking to share accommodation send us an email  and we can put you in contact with each other.

An Interesting New Website to Browse
This website was launched at the beginning of the year by AMI USA. I would recommend a visit to the site to watch some priceless snippets of quality Montessori in action at the different age levels 0-3, 3-6, 6-12. These short videos could be a perfect starter for discussion at your staff meetings;)

Have a fabulous start to 2014!

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