Friday, July 7, 2017

Latest News – 2 AMI Diploma Courses Starting in 2018!

Kia Ora Koutou Friends

Assistants to Infancy (0-3) Diploma course will begin in May 2018 with Julia Hilson – Director of Training.
At MMEF we’re still pinching ourselves to be offering training at the 0-3 level in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The demand for AMI training internationally is high yet being able to secure an AMI trainer at the 0-3 level was no mean feat!  
Julia Hilson, 0-3 AMI Trainer, has been juggling her commitments and has confirmed dates for the first and last modules, the 2nd and 3rd module dates will be finalised shortly.
Julia said, “I’m delighted to be able to strengthen the understanding of the importance of the first 3 years of life, in this part of the world”. We are delighted too! 
The 0-3 course will be offered over four 4-5 week modules (18 weeks in total, face to face delivery) plus observations, starting in May 2018 and concluding June 2019. *Dates may be subject to slight change*
The full course details, including course brochure, application form and payment options, will be posted on the new MMEF website –  set to go live by Friday 21st July. Download your information pack then.
 AMI 3-6 Diploma Course 2018 – 2020
Can you believe it – not 1 but 2 AMI Diploma Courses, 0-3 and 3-6 will be offered in New Zealand starting in 2018!
The AMI 3-6 Diploma Course Information Pack will be also be ready for you to access and download from the new look MMEF website. MMEF have included several payment options for centres, to coincide with funding payments. 

MMEF and MANZ Under 3s Workshop – Ferne Van Zyl October 14th & 15th, Auckland
Recent news from Australia,

Delegates at this year’s Montessori Early Childhood Conference in Brisbane were raving about Ferne van Zyl's workshops focusing on the child from 0-3 years”.  

12342524_10153821828131663_9058730096006804551_n(1)We can also enjoy this highly rated presenter, courtesy of MANZ and MMEF, as AMI 0-3 trained adult and mother of 4, Ferne Van Zyl will be offering the following workshop in Auckland – October 14th & 15th.

Supporting Freedom, Self-Discipline  &  Language is a workshop designed for parents, whanau and educators.
Over these 2 days Ferne will provide a foundation of understanding plus leave you with a kete of skills to encourage positive behaviour in young children. Strategies for communicating with young children leading to the development of self-discipline will be amongst the topics explored. Download the brochure by clicking below on the link

And finally,
Kia kaha to the 31 students embarking on the AMI 3-6 Assistant Certificate Course in Hamilton next week.
We wish you all well – be open, be inclusive and be on time!  

Noho ora mai, ra